Division of Clinical Research

To facilitate the infrastructure and coordinate all activities of clinical trials in NTUH.

1.  Supervision of the daily activity of DOH-sponsored clinical trial center of NTUHProtocol Design, Non-Patient/Patient Care, Study Monitoring, Data Management, Statistical Analysis, Report Writing, Education and Training.

2.  Consultation of Bio-statistics

3.  Administrative for research ethic committee of NTUH.

4.  Supports for the clinical trial steering committee of NTUH.

5.  Supports for the clinical trial task force.

6.  Supports for the bio-safety working groupAssess safety /SOPs of laboratory 


Division of Experimental Research

1.  To coordinate research efforts in the areas of medical biology to increase productivity

2.  To facilitate consolidation of major items of equipment on the campus to maximize utilizing and operational efficiencies

3.  Application for  experimental bench and freezer space to junior medical researcher 

4.  To offer training courses pertinent to special facilities principle and operation techniques for the research user on the campus


Division of Training & Planning

1.  Application for NTUH Medical Research Grants                               

include:  (1).General Research Projects

(2). Junior Medical Research Projects

(3). Ph.D student Research Projects

(4). Special NTUH Research Projects

(5). Other Research Projects

2.  Research Awards

(1).Research Publication Award Applications

(2).Outstanding Research Award Applications

3.  Postdoctoral Candidates from the Ministry of Defence

4.  Commissioned Research Grants of NTUH

5.  NTUH Technology Licensing of Transfer  

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